I'm Patrick, an Edinburgh based Graphic Designer who's very fond of beer, muscular men and the colour yellow*. Not necessarily in that order.

Since the end of the last century splateagle has been me online, and since early 2003 there's been a website here at splateagle.com in some form or another. This version you're reading appeared in 2017 and is the site's seventh ground-up overhaul**.

At present the site mostly serves as a signpost directing you to more interesting things I've done elsewhere on the web. Think of it like a hub for me. Yes I know that's what normal people use Facebook for but (a) I was doing this long before that was a thing and (b) Facebook is vile and I'm not on it (yes, I know, Instagram… ::eyeroll:: ) .

So anyway there's this.

I may or may not add other content, feel free to check back. Alternatively links abound below!

* The. Colour. No judgement here, but in my case “yellow” is very much not a euphemism, it’s just my favourite colour. I wish I didn’t have to say that but apparently I do.

** well, but not really - I wrote that in 2017 after I built a new version of my site using the gumby framework. Gumby was a popular bootstrap framework at the time... which then almost immediately stopped being supported as everyone moved off frameworks. After the site being pretty much ignored for a while I rebuilt an identical version of it again from the ground up in blocs in 2021. In about an hour. Which is why we all stopped using frameworks I suppose. And which makes this really the eighth incarnation to anyone who cares. Also I like footnotes :)


my work

If you arrived here looking for me in my professional capacity as a Graphic Designer, hello!

I've moved.

You can find all my corporate work related stuff over at inforocket.scot  and my fledgeling graphic art business at hellorocket.scot

(Between 2011 and 2015 I used splateagle.com as the home of both work-me and personal-me ...which got confusing. So this is back to being just a personal site now and my work has a spiffy identity all of its own.)

my blog

From 2003 I sporadically blogged (using Blogger) and mirrored the posts here. Until now.

Mirroring Blogger content has got harder over the years, and by 2017 I couldn't find a way of displaying the posts here that isn't either clunky or ugly... or both. Not least since there's a 14 year archive to cope with!

The blog is still there however, and I might decide to start writing in it again who knows…

You can still read my waffle at: splateagle.blogspot.co.uk. If I can I find a tidy way of bringing it back here it’ll replace this.

what’s a splateagle?

The short answer (paraphrasing the great Randall Munroe  is that it's a treasured and carefully-guarded point in the space of ten-character strings.

Still here?

OK then, here's the longer answer (it's not very interesting).

Back in school one of my friends compulsively gave people really odd nicknames, even to the point where he referred to his parents as "bead" and "pear" - my name (Patrick) doesn't lend itself readily to any particularly unusual nicknames, but somehow this friend managed to distort Patrick, to "splatrick" and thence "splat".

splat became splateagle on contact with the internet at the end of the last century - opening my first personal email account I wanted something simple and distinctive, both patrick@ and splat@ were already taken and faced with a depressingly unoriginal sequence of numbers in my email address I was forced to be more inventive. The obvious choice was to add my surname, but my own being a cumbersome nuisance, I borrowed the surname Eagle from my best friend, making "splateagle" which kinda stuck.

For a long time now splateagle has been me online. Everywhere. See a splateagle somewhere and it's pretty much certain you're seeing me. I used to link to them all from here but that got tiring so the main instances are below and for the rest I usually link back here (which if you're reading this is probably how you got here).

So now you know. Told you it wasn't very interesting.